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Greenleaf- “One Train May Hide Another”

Greenleaf- “One Train May Hide Another”

Greenleaf surprisingly begins with Mack dreaming of being in bed with a young light skinned girl. In reality, he learns he has been named the recipient of this year’s Man of The Year Award from the city of Memphis. At Cavalry, auditors come to the church demanding to see their financial records and taxes. Mack spearheads getting everything they need, but spots the lead auditor speaking to Grace alone. He fears his niece is up to no good. Later, Mack blocks Charity from hiring the new candidate for choir director because of his openness with his sexuality. Kevin feels her uncle has made the right move. Meanwhile, Jacob and Kerissa continue to try and push the TV deal for Cavalry without sleeping with his associate and his wife.


Mack provides the auditors with everything they have asked for, but they find a reason to be concerned when he notes the Bishop’s love offerings. They then request to see James and Mae’s own personal financial records and tax filings for the last three years to ensure he has listed the love offerings as income. Mack angrily confronts Grace, convinced she is the reason they are digging so deeply into their finances. He warns her to back off, but she reveals the lead auditor told her that her son was disabled and she wanted to know what services the church could offer for him. Mack leaves angrily and is confronted by Charity in the hallway. She tells him she will not be party to discrimination and plans to fight for the choir director. Mack tells her to do what she wants and heads to his office to gather himself.

greenleaf hey mikey atl

When the local news crew comes to give him his award in front of the youth of the church he calms down and gives a speech about helping others, being exemplary, and prioritizing academics. James congratulates him on his award, and then in his office admonishes him for not keeping the auditors at bay. He is furious that they are asking for access to their finances AND an inventory of every item in their house and how it was acquired. Mack promises to take care of everything, but James demands he just do it, warning him of what will happen if they look too closely at their finances. Noah and security inform Mack a man claiming to be his father is demanding to see him and asking for money. Mack finds his father has been beaten. He asks him how much money he needs, but warns him to leave before Mae finds him there. As he prepares to give him the money, Mae arrives and rebukes her father. She asks him to leave, but he ignores her until Mack gives him the money he wants, despite his sister’s protest. Grace looks on disapprovingly.

jacob greenleaf hey mikey atl

Later, Jacob meets with Mack hoping he can convince his father to take the television deal. Mack is surprised he is pushing the deal so hard and tells him to move on because he will never be reinstated, especially with Grace around. Jacob lashes back at him, reminding him he is still around despite his crooked ways. Mack leaves angrily. Mack returns to his building at the end of the day and is congratulated on his award by the door woman. She tells him that she knows he helps people, and that a young girl needs his help. The girl is the same one he woke up in bed with earlier in the show. He brings her upstairs to his lavish condo. She tells him he lives better than she ever has. She questions him about his past and how he came to be who he is. She also revealed she wanted to commit suicide once. Mack reveals he wanted to too, when he was twelve. He recounts his difficult childhood, having been abandoned by his father and being forced to take care of his bitter, alcoholic mother. He states things went south with his mother after he began dating a girl. One night while he was out on a date, his mother too drunk to realize a train was coming on the tracks, was killed. The girl tells him it is not his fault. He shows her a picture of a woman in a painting he feels she looks like. She feels the woman is beautiful and fixes him another glass of whiskey. He tells her he will only give her  a sip.


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