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Greenleaf- “The Baptism” & “We Shall See Him As He Is”

Greenleaf- “The Baptism” & “We Shall See Him As He Is”

Greenleaf  begins with Grace’s first day back at Cavalry. James gives her a tour of the church and explains what her first duties will be there; and asks that she pay special attention to Ms. Wilcox, one of the church’s biggest donors. Grace seems a little overwhelmed trying to get re-acclimated, but finds comfort knowing her father is glad to have her back. Meanwhile, Kerissa encourages Jacob to take his new role overseeing the Deacon Board seriously, feeling it is a chance for him to show up Grace. At the church, Jacob welcomes Grace back and asks Alexa (his father’s assistant who he is having an affair with) to stop by his office to help him reset the password to his computer. Alexa informs the Bishop and Mac that the Senator Bob Banks is launching a formal investigation into their practices since they will not comply with his audit. James decides it is time they meet with him face to face and orders Mac to get his plane ready. Charity meets with the choir director and imposes her will as Minister of Music, while Kevin sets up a shelter in the church with the help of a volunteer.

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Later, Grace checks her messages and finds that David Nelson, the cop who was suspended for shooting a black teenager has been trying to reach out to him. She also finds a disc where a young woman, Danielle Turner, recounts how Mac took advantage of her. When she meets with Ms. Wilcox, she soon learns she wants her granddaughter to be baptized without either of her parents in attendance that very day. Grace has reservations, but when she confronts her father about David and the baptism he tells her to dismiss David and teaches her about discernment, while Mae tells her to baptize the baby as it is one of her responsibilities. When she leaves, Mae voices her concerns about Grace’s ability to do her new job. Grace baptizes the baby, while Sophia tries to adjust to her new school, feeling out of place. That night she tells her mother she is swamped with homework and wants to go live with her father.

Later that night, James tells Mae about his plans for Senator Banks, and how he has to fly out the next day. Mae has reservations about him going due to the condition of the plane. She feels it is necessary to go with him for his own “safety” and so she can get a new dress from the Chanel boutique in Nashville. Grace goes to visit Noah and asks him what his role is in security at the church. He informs her he oversees liability issues only, and inquires about what is going on. Grace assures him all is well. The next day, she goes to visit David Nelson, and discovers he is living in apartment away from his home where people are protesting and picketing him. He tells her that he reached out to her father because his lawyer stated government officials are feeling pressured to press charges against him and it would look good to have a pastor or spiritual adviser standing behind him. She inquires about Danielle and what happened. He tells her that she made a second statement recanting her accusations against Mac making her an unreliable witness. He tells her that unless she can prove she was coerced somehow into recanting her efforts are useless. Zora and Sophia explore Faith’s belongings, the latter finds her sermons and takes them to heart.

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At the church, Jacob goes to visit Alexa and flirts with her. He tells her he will come by her house after his meeting with the Deacons. Kerissa goes over the dinner menu with Mae for her annual church event. Mae finds the portion sizes for the dinner to be too small. When Kerissa tries to discredit Grace, Mae supports her husband’s decision and tells her to be “still.” Grace tries to visit Danielle at her home, but is barred by the girl’s mother. At the church, Mae offers to pay for Noah and Isabel’s wedding, and in turn asks that he alert her if Grace is up to no good. Danielle’s mother informs Mac of Grace’s snooping. He promises the woman she will never come there again. Grace e-mails Danielle, and is invited to dinner by Noah and Isabel. She reluctantly agrees, feeling it may be awkward. At dinner, Isabel learns more about Grace and their differences. Jacob manages cut his meeting with the Deacons short when he realizes their issues are something only his father can fix. He goes to visit  Alexa and they have sex.

Sophia attends a church lock-in with Zora, there the two of them sneak off to get high with two boys from their school. When they try to sneak back into the church they realize they are locked out. Luckily,  they ditch their marijuana in a trash can and  manage to get back in through the entrance thanks to an unsuspecting security guard. Later, a pastor overseeing the event talks to Sophia about being saved. Zora tells Sophia she is happy she has moved in, as she has always wanted a sister.The next night he and Kerissa have dinner with an older couple. Kerissa soon realizes her marriage is in trouble when she hears how they met. She tells Jacob they need marriage counseling, but he refuses to go. Kevin and Charity have a night out on the town, doing karaoke at a local club. Two gay men send them fireball shots after he performs. Kevin seems uneasy about them. At home, he gets Charity ready for bed, but she tells him she wants to take a pregnancy test then and there. They do so and learn she is pregnant. Kevin does not seem too happy. The church shelter is a hit for Kevin and the volunteer and they find themselves bonding, and Kevin finds himself attracted to the man. Meanwhile, Mae, Mac, and James leave the airport frustrated when they learn they cannot fly out.  Grace meets with Danielle, and recounts what Mac did to her sister, but the girl refuses to tell her what really happened.   Grace becomes more determined than ever to stop her uncle. Mac visits Mavis and threatens to take her club from her if she does not have Grace back off!


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