Grilled Cheezus

IMG_3636Nothing is more comforting than the deliciousness that comes from the combination of cheese, bread and butter. I find that even on these hot summer days I cannot resist the desire for a nice gooey, cheesy concoction. However, being that it is summer I am also trying to watch my waistline and keep my meals healthier.


Upon my Pinterest quest to find a “healthier” grilled cheese, I stumbled upon a recipe for a Green Grilled Cheese. It features spinach, avocado, and Gouda cheese. The key to making your grilled cheese healthy and consequently tastier is to use whole, fresh ingredients. This means purchasing a rustic bread loaf from your nearest bakery and chatting it up with your local cheese monger concerning the most flavorful smoked Gouda or sharp cheddar.

green grilled cheese edited

Now, you might ask… how much healthier is this green grilled cheese? Ummm… admittedly it is still a decedent sandwich. Yet, you do get the added benefits of the iron, Vitamin A and high-fiber content of the spinach. Additionally, the avocado adds a nice creamy mouth feel as well as healthy fats that reduce the amount of cheese needed for this sandwich. Please follow this link to the Full Belly Sisters’ food blog for the recipe and instructions on how to create this wonderful grilled cheese.

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