The Guide To Color Correctors

Have you ever been in the makeup section and saw a green concealer? Well, those aren’t concealers, they’re color correctors. Color correctors are new makeup must haves that help camouflage flaws such as hyper pigmentation, dark circles, redness, or acne scars. They’re similar to concealers but work more effectively as they neutralize the color in the problem area opposed to just covering it up.

Color correctors come in different colors like purple, orange, and green. The color you need to use depends on your discoloration problem. Let me explain further:


Its pretty simple to find the color needed to neutralize your discoloration issue. Find your problem color on the color wheel and straight across from it is the color that will fix it.

Orange/Peach: If you are of a darker skin tone and have hyper pigmentation or dark under eye circles the orange will help counteract any darkness.

Green: Opt for the green color corrector if you have any redness like rosacea or a pimple.

Purple/Lavender: If you have yellow undertones that make you look sallow or dull, the purple will help brighten your face.

Yellow: If you are of a lighter skin tone the yellow will correct any blue areas like bruises or dark circles.

Color correctors are meant to be worn under your makeup. Don’t worry, your face won’t look yellow or orange as they blend in very nicely. Once you’ve applied your corrector, you can then apply your flesh-tone liquid foundation or concealer.



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