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A Guide to Determining your Skin Type

A Guide to Determining your Skin Type

black-woman-looking-in-mirror-face-cream1Skin is generally categorized into four different types- normal, oily, dry, and combination (a combination of oily and dry). A common misconception about skin is that it remains the same forever. False. Skin changes with age and factors like illness and genetics can play a part. I know you may wonder, “what’s normal skin?” The answer is, there is no such thing. Yes, some people may have clearer skin than others, but that does not necessarily mean that they have “normal” skin.

Skin that has an even tone, great balance of moisture, and contains small pores (smaller pores make it more difficult for dirt to build up) is the goal of most skin care regimens. People are typically born with “normal” skin but poor diets, exposure to sun, and makeup (ladies, you know we love our makeup!) amongst other things may cause skin to become less healthy.

Oily skin is caused by an excess of oil on the face. People with oily skin begin to feel greasy and look shiny after a few hours. Oily skin can be inherited but can also be caused by puberty. You may also notice more oil in the “T- zone” of your face due to an excess of oil glands on the forehead, nose, and chin. On the other hand, dry skin suffers from a lack of natural moisture. Dry skin also causes skin to feel irritated, itchy, and tight. Severely dry skin can lead to eczema and severely oily skin can cause acne.

The best way to treat these conditions are to consume lots of water. Water will literally solve almost any problem! Aside from doing that, visit your local dermatologist. They are skin care experts that will provide you with the best regimens and treatments to get your skin back into great shape!


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