Guys Aren’t the Only Ones Rocking Baggy Jeans

Apparently the saggy jean, or better yet the dropped crotch and/or harem pants are becoming a real hit in women’s fashion. It use to be that you had to preach to your little brother or your guy friend and tell them to “pull up their pants”, or “buy some jeans that actually fit,” but it looks like the roles have reversed.


Demin Saggy Jeans

drop crotch

These pants have to be comfort at its finest. A pair of these saggy jeans can go up to $425. That’s actually how much a pair of R13 Harem Pants cost. Rag & Bone’s Marilyn Jean are 275.00. You can see for yourself if they are worth adding to your closet. Who knows, maybe the saggy jean would look cute on a relaxed day hanging out with some friends.  Don’t be alarmed either; if you’re really feeling this look, but you aren’t trying to break the bank, Urban Outfitters sells a more affordable line. Their drop crotch or saggy jeans are between $69 and $90.

leather drop crotch


-Nia Clark