Hair Trend Alert: Deep Side Parts

Deep side parts took over the runways and even the red carpets this season and for good reason.  They are super versatile and can be as simple and intricate as you want them to be.  You can wear them up in a bun or pony tail or wear your hair down in flow-y waves or bone straight.  The only key to rocking this look is having a extreme deep side part, to the right or left of your head – your choice.

There is nothing sleeker than a nicely coifed chignon or low hanging pony tail.  This hair style is super easy to do and can add the right touch of sophistication to a look.  I love this look because it takes an otherwise classic and sophisticated look and makes it edgy and interesting.  It also can serve as a nice frame to your face believe it or not.



I also love the look of this trend with hair being worn down.  It creates a natural bang without you having to cut your hair.  It also gives a couture feel to an otherwise simple look.  You can dress your style with fancy barrettes or clips or go without them depending on the occasion.



Will you rock a deep side part this season?




Androgynous anchored with class and splashes of trendy is how I would describe my style with my bottom line style category being boho-chic. I love to challenge myself with new experiences and surrounding myself with positivity. Detroit raised me and Atlanta is grooming me. Sit back and enjoy the ride...I promise you this will be good.

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