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Hairy Times: Remove or Keep?

Hairy Times: Remove or Keep?

Hair. We just want it on our heads and not all over, right?


When it comes to maintenance and hygiene, one area that is concerning is hair. We worry about the hair on our heads and on our bodies. Having hair can be a time consuming and costly. Often times in frustration the best way to rid one’s self of the drama is to simply remove it. The means to remove the hair can seem barbaric and a tiny bit sadistic at times, but the goal is always a sense of freedom.

shave or no shave

If the hair is on your head, you can simply go to the barber or salon and cut it. If you want to save money and look for a new experience, you can do it yourself. Going bald, for men and/or women, can be a liberating change. It’s also a time saver.


Now, let’s enter the world of body hair. Some like it, some do not. If you like it, cool. However, for those of us that hate it, trying to remove it can be a pain. At times, there are so many options, but they’re just as annoying as the hair that needs to be removed.

hairy legs in heels

If you shave, you have to worry about making sure your razor is sharp, but not so sharp that it always cuts you. On top of that, juggling the hand with the razor and shaving cream can cause your head to spin. But we won’t even mention the decision to shave in the shower, tub or simply standing at the sink. The worst part of shaving is the bumps you may get.


Waxing….ouch! The plus side is speed. The down side, pain and the pain to pay.


Laser Hair Removal/Reduction…(please see the previously mention down side of waxing).


Using Nair stinks, takes a while, risk chemically burning yourself and even after all of that, all your hair may not be gone completely.

nairOnce you pick the method, now its time to focus on the area, which is also a lot. Even then, you think about not even shaving, waxing or removing the hair. Just when you say no to yourself, you think about being sexy & smooth.


With all of that stuff in mind, its no wonder why some just say “F**K it” and simply let the hair grow freely.


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