Haley’s Comet is Out of This World & Straight to Your Heart!

Nowadays it seems like everyone is trying to write a book. The problem is that very few are actually any good. Thankfully, and proudly, Brett T. Brown is one of those rare writing talents that is actually very good! His debut book, Haley’s Comet is a true breath of fresh air! Where can you read a story about a preteen, reeling from her parents’ divorce who has to move to a new town and deal with bullies, an uncertain environment, and finally the alien abduction of her mother? In this book you will. Yes, I admit it sounds a bit out there, but it is well worth the read. The sci-fi/fantasy of this book is tempered by real life issues young people any and everywhere can relate to. I particularly like how Brett’s writing style is humorous, yet relatable; indicating a promising future for this young writer!


Haley’s Comet made the perfect read along with my preteen and we actually found ourselves discussing the book over lunch and dinner during the Winter holiday break. His favorite character was Ben, while mine (naturally) was Haley. Haley just seemed so real to me. If you were a kid in the eighties and preteen or teen in the nineties then you are well acquainted with Nickelodeon’s As Told By Ginger. The protagonist of that NickToon, Ginger Foutley,  is who Haley truly reminds me of. She has just as much to freak out as anyone would with their mother being abducted, but somehow manages to keep it together. Pretty cool, in my book! Be sure you pick up a copy of Haley’s Comet  by ordering it through Amazon. Heck! Spread the love and treat a friend and buy two! Click the link below for purchasing info!


Brett T. Brown

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