Happy About Chanel’s New Man Pharrell

The “Happy” singer is indeed happy now as the new spokesperson for the French luxury brand Chanel. Pharrell will be appearing in an upcoming advertisement for the brand’s well known and highly coveted handbags. It is said to be the first time a man will be used to help showcase the handbags. Prior to Pharrell, Brad Pitt was used to help with the classic fragrance No. 5, also by Chanel. However, it is said that the campaign with Pitt was not too successful. Pharrell will be with another group of familiar faces, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, and Caroline de Maigret, at Chanel to help debut a new bag designed by the world renowned Karl Lagerfeld named “Gabrielle.” The bags inspiration is none other than the maison’s creator and founder Gabrielle “CoCo” Chanel. The actual handbag will not makes its official debut until April.Cara Delevingne and Pharrell

This will not be William’s first time at the Chanel world of Persian luxury. In addition to recently walking the runway, Pharrell was featured in a creative vision/feature film with his previously mentioned campaign co-stars. He has also been a fixture at the Chanel runway shows. Plus, every so often he will be photographed wearing something by Chanel, usually the necklace or some other form of costume jewelry.

PharrellIn recent times, a few high end and/or luxury brands have been going to the opposite gender to help sell and advertise their products. To the eye, in the beginning, it may seem strange to have a man sell an item or product generally used and marketed to a female audience, but in actuality, it is the reverse system used in marketing, with respect to the male consumer and having women in ads. There should not be an issue with this because simply, brands use individuals of celebrity status to help with their products. With that being said, the main focus should be the product, not the person being used as a prop. Pharrell is a good choice for Chanel because he is universally pleasant among many demographics and there is just something “cool” about him that will not allow social gender norms to stick to him. We will all have to wait to be in awe of Chanel’s new bag and new man.Chanel bag named Gabrielle

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