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From the Hard Streets of Chicago to the Hardwood of the NBA, “Q Exposed” reveals it all!

From the Hard Streets of Chicago to the Hardwood of the NBA, “Q Exposed” reveals it all!

On the grand scale of entertainment books are often overlooked or cast to the side as boring or archaic. Little do most people know, the imagery created with words can be as potent as any filmed or scripted scene. More and more, people are finding portals to other worlds, and living vicariously through characters found on the pages in intense and riveting novels. “Q Exposed” is one such amazing novel. Filled with sex, drama, and more twists than a roller coaster ride; this book will have your eyes on the ride of a lifetime as you ready every thrilling word from cover to cover! “Q Feldman” is a phenomenal basketball player hailing from the mean streets of Chicago. His life seems hard, but simple, until fame is introduced into the mix. Readers watch as Q goes from a “latch key kid” to a sports star, and then watch as his life begins to take a dark turn. Fame comes with power, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! As its latest victim, our protagonist finds himself in increasingly dramatic and freaky situations; some of which would make a Zane novel blush. Q’s story seems like it is the captivating child of a coming of age story and an erotic thriller. You definitely love seeing the character’s progression, but you love his illicit side a little more. How Q manages to deal with fame, and a few life altering realizations about himself, will have you calling for help–to pick your jaw up off the ground!


Morris Barber, author of “Q Exposed”

“Q Exposed” is written and published by Morris Barber. Morris is an amazing writer with a well received book. Critics have found his story to be captivating and liberating. The book took him a couple of years to write. Interestingly he found  the inspiration to begin it while working for six months  while working on a celebrity project.  In his own words the theme of the book is very “sexual, endearing, sensual, spiritual, and captivating…It is a roller coaster with someone enduring the trials and tribulations of being famous…” He reveals Q’s back story is the driving force of the twists in the story. Surprisingly, he sees the book as more of a romance catering to an urban audience, than an erotic thriller. Indeed, the book has aspects of both. Morris does an excellent job of juxtaposing his main character’s past and present to give us a clear picture of how his future may be. Hailing from Paris, France, he admits that his ideals of love differ from most Americans. This truth is supported in his writing style by creating characters with that are relatively uninhibited. However, Morris is laid back with a love filled life. Yep ladies this guy is off the market! Morris states that “Q Exposed” is semi-autobiographical, but quickly admits he is not as wild as the character he created.


This book is a must a read! Besides putting you in a certain “mood,” it is something you are going to want to share. There’s so much to wonder and reel from that you just know this is a special type of “tea” in book form! Morris plans to write more about Q Feldman and even hopes to make the book into a film. Either way once it is read and/or seen you will be hooked. Move over “Addicted,” “Q Exposed” is my new drug of choice! You can purchase the “Q Exposed” on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble as a download for your tablet, computer, and certain smartphones! Grab your copy today!



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