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TV Just Got Hotter: Hartley Sawyer Joins Season 4 Of ‘The Flash’

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Hartley Sawyer arrives at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Credit: Daniel Tanner

Hartley Sawyer’s chiseled features and sculpted physique will never be the same.  It was revealed the star of CW’s Saving the Human Race will reprise the role as Ralph Dibny in season 4 of The Flash. 

 Hartley Sawyer As The Elongated Man

Sorry ladies, unfortunately, you won’t have the opportunity to fawn over Sawyer’s defined abs and pulsing biceps. According to Variety, Sawyer’s character is a “fast-talking private investigator and by night costumes up to patrol the streets and fight crime.” Commonly referred to as the Elongated Man, Ralph Dibny, discovers his ability to twist, turn, and manipulate his body into every position imaginable. Dibny uses his abilities to help Team Flash solve one of Central City’s greatest mysteries.

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 Season 4 of The Flash

News of Hartley Sawyer joining team flash is only a preview of what’s to come. Season 4 of The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 10th on the CW. Don’t miss the chance to watch Sawyers Egyptian God like physique bend and twist across your television screen. Will you tune in to watch Hartley Sawyer in the season premiere of The Flash? Let us know in the comments below.

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