Have Happy Feet

Your feet at are on the bottom, but they should be a top priority too.


It’s fair to say your feet may be the most neglected part of your body. Probably because they are on the ground. However, because they are on the ground doing a lot of the hard work, they deserve extra care and attention. Read more so you can discover how to have happy feet.


Exfoliating Peels

If you have never heard of the “baby foot” peel, you may be missing out. This chemical peel for the feet is something that started from the Asian beauty culture. Essentially, it is a chemical peel for the foot. The goal is to have feet as soft as a baby. This actually will happen when you use the peel. The downside is the appearance of your feet during the “shedding/peeling.” The removal of dead skin from the body is never really pretty, but the results are. Following the directions on the pack and be happy in the end.

Boscia soft foot peel

DIY style

Nothing wrong with doing for yourself. Go to the local beauty supply store and buy the things needed to care for your feet. You can spend less than $10 to buy a good foot file or pumice, nail clippers and emery board. The best time to care for your “dogs” with the DIY method is after the shower when they are clean and the skin is soft.


Spa/Nail Salon

One of the most common ways for caring for your feet is a visit to the spa or nail salon. It’s a two in one stop. You can get your mani and pedi! You get your feet cleaned, polished and massaged. It’s very convenient when you do not have the time to do it on your own.



Once you get your feet nice, try to keep them that way for as long as possible. It may seem like common sense, but when it comes to everyday life, they may be the last thing to think about. Being at the bottom of the list can make it easy to forget. Here are some addition things to consider.



Moisturize! It is the best way to keep them soft and away from an infections.

vaseline ways to use vaseline for beauty

2)Wear Good Shoes

Yes, sometimes the cutest shoe is not the best for your feet, but try to find a happy medium. Make sure the shoe fits (not too tight) and the insoles are comfortable.



Try to make the time to care for your feet frequently. They do so much for you, so show them love with a pedicure or a massage from time to time.

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