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Have the Perfect Bath Experience

Have the Perfect Bath Experience

The spa may be the place to relax, but it also requires a commitment and can sometimes only provide temporary relief. But what if you could create your own at home? There are so many ways—starting from simply adding bath salts or bubbles into the water with some light music in the background, all of which will help decompress after a stressful week.

Relaxed woman taking a bath

Whether you’re already an expert on bath bombs or just starting out exploring these new options, here’s how easy it is to make one batch using ingredients that most people have lying around their house.

Bath Salts, Bubbles, and Essential Oils, Oh My!

Pouring bath salts or Epsom salt in the water is like a soothing massage for the skin. It helps soothe sore muscles and makes everything smell lovely. I don’t know about you, but I love a good bubble bath. The nostalgia and simplicity of this playful product are always fun to break out for my already enjoyable routine. The secret to getting bubbles is to pour them slowly into the rushing water under the bathtub faucets.

For those who love to take long baths, essential oils are a great way to add some aromatherapy into your routine. Adding at least ten drops will scent up the water nicely and give you that spa-like feeling right in your own home. My favorite is lavender because it’s so relaxing but rose or geranium can also be used for an uplifting mood.

Set the Mood

The spas of the world are an oasis for weary souls. They’re a place where people can get back to their center and find peace in a day that seems so hectic from dawn until dusk. To create this ambiance at home, try lighting candles throughout your bathroom—they’ll give off warmth as well as bring light into dark corners.

It’s nice to have something to do during your bath, as well. I’ve been known for catching up on Netflix while in the tub. It can be a great way of unwinding after a long day or kicking back and relaxing before bedtime.

Reading is an option too. If you’re looking at magazines like Cosmopolitan, keep them close by so they don’t get wet. If reading books is more your style, then go ahead and read away (though these are prone to getting quite soggy).

Playing music seems popular among my female friends. Some play soothing ambient sounds, others prefer blasting pop tunes from their phones. Whatever mood suits you best will work just fine.

Don’t forget to bring a beverage with you as well. You can ease your stiffness after a long day by drinking a hot cup of tea while taking a bath. Suppose you live in a hectic household with kids knocking on the door and asking for attention. I would recommend politely letting them know that they need some privacy when bathing to enjoy their alone time without any interruptions.

Apply a Face Mask

Put the pampering into your bath time by applying a face mask while you soak. Let it sit for ten minutes on your skin, and then wash off with warm water from the tub when finished. Not only will you feel like royalty after, but this also means that those pores are thanking their lucky stars too.

Fluffy Towels and Robe

I love to find the softest towels for my home that I can find. If you are done getting clean, don’t use a scratchy towel that will feel rough on your skin. Having said all this, it would be challenging to resist dressing up in a stylish robe and relaxing. What is left without all the comforts of home? If you don’t even have that, what is left?

Use Some Moisturizer

To replenish the natural oils in our skin, the very best way is to soak in a warm bath to replenish its moisture. Make sure you remember to use lotion on your skin as well. After getting out of the shower or tub, it is essential to apply it immediately to prevent all those lost nutrients from drying away due to soap residue left behind.



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