The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Awakening”

At long last some good news on Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots”–Benny awakens from his coma! Hanna is overjoyed at her son’s miraculous recovery. He reveals he had been drifting in and out of consciousness for days but just could not keep his eyes open. His father leaves in shame. Elsewhere, Wyatt’s guilt continues to eat away from him. His parents try to comfort him to no avail. Quincy’s hunt for Candice takes a scandalous turn when he meets Amanda. She naively lets him into their apartment. The sexual tension between them is as thick as cake. It seems Veronica’s suspicions about Maggie have some merit. Tipsy and loose at the tongue she passive-aggressively comes onto him–even moving her hotel room next to his. Wyatt’s time may be up if Hanna and Lizzie’s grandfather can prove the Cryers are lying. Thankfully for them, their “double agent detective” is on the move. Jim finally takes down Candice and then orders the Malones to kill her!


Benny awakening was the only bright spot in this episode. His awakening alludes to everyone else’s epiphanies about themselves–Wyatt realizes he is a murderer, Quincy realizes Candice’s games, Candice realizes she is no match for Jim’s goons, and Amanda realizes her attraction to Quincy. It’s great to finally see Benny up and about. He’s spent most of the season in the bed. His return brings some much needed balance to the show. The bad guys were really taking over! The Cryer children are nice to look at–and that’s it! Wyatt going to Lizzie’s grave and Amanda entertaining Quincy have two be two of the dumbest and naive acts on television. Perhaps the most interesting part of the show is finally seeing Candice afraid. She comes off so hard and resourceful it seemed certain she would figure out a way to outsmart the Malones and escape. Better luck next week “Candy Cane!”



Next week—> A drunken Maggie tries to seduce David, Jeffery meets with a girl Veronica forces on him, the Malones prepare to kill Candice!

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