The Haves & The Have Nots- “Checkmate”

Life is like a games of chess, in “Checkmate,” on the Season Finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots!” Everyone’s games became all the more dangerous as children became pawns, the past comes calling, and old lies are brought to the light. Jim finally gets a piece of Celine’s mind when it comes to their son. She admonishes him for mistreating and ignoring him for years all the while hinting at her true feelings for him. She warns him not to push her, as she knows too much about his evil deeds. Hanna and Candice, finally share a peaceful moment when she tries to comfort her daughter and assures her that Quincy did not kill her son. She feels it in her spirit. The Harringtons are a family divided as the once happy couple face off over their son’s life. Jeffrey ultimately bends to his fear of his mother for he and Wyatt’s sake, by continuing to date Melissa.


Maggie continues to make plays for David, incurring Veronica’s wrath. Quincy makes waves when he arrives at The Cryers’ dinner party as Amanda’s boyfriend. Everyone is immediately on guard as he insults them and then attacks Jim. He pummels him and reveals he has been sleeping with Candice to everyone there. Jim refutes his claim but no one believes him. That night he receives a mysterious text and goes outside to see who has messaged him. He is rushed and kidnapped by a dozen thugs! At The Sarandon Hotel, David and Maggie may have given into temptation as he enters Maggie’s room, drunken and tired of his wife’s behavior. Amanda finally falls off the rocker and fires her gun. Who she shot remains to be seen!


This was an amazing Season Finale with lots of cliffhangers and plot twists. I would love to know who Amanda shot, what is going to happen to Jim, and if David slept with Maggie. We do know one of the three happened! I hope it is the last one, Mrs. Harrington needs to be taken down a peg. She was borderline scary this episode. It is also great to see Celine’s role growing. Eva Tamargo is an awesome actress and next season I foresee she and Carlos playing an integral part of the show. Alright Mr. Perry do not keep us away from this motley crew too long. Tuesday nights just won’t be the same until the next season of “The Haves & The Have Nots!”

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