The Haves & The Have Nots- “Donald”

“Conceal, never reveal” should be the mantra of this episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots!” Everyone seemed to be on a mission to cover their sins or their own behinds. Jim miraculously managed to get Wyatt freed by admitting he hit someone–but that it was a man named Donald–not Lizzie and Benny. The “victim” willingly goes along with Jim’s story, and the Black Sedan he planted as evidence. Veronica, Kathryn, and Maggie are impressed by his feat of manipulation. Hanna, however, remains steadfast in proving him to be a liar.  The past comes looking for Candice, when her ex-boyfriend/baby’s daddy comes calling for her at Hanna’s house! Elsewhere, Jeffery finds Amanda completely unraveling and with a gun. After pleading with her to give it to him and seek help he goes to her mother for assistance. Veronica’s suspicions about Maggie may actually prove true as begins to flirt with David.  Kathryn and Jim battle over having Amanda recommitted to a mental institution. Candice and The Malones’ boss trade life stories. Tony finally tracks down Benny after following Hanna and threatens to have their son taken off life support. Benny speaks!


If you thought Olivia Pope and her “Gladiators” held the monopoly on underhanded and scandalous behavior you would be dead wrong. This episode not only had cover ups, but innuendos and implications. Celine’s part, though small, introduced a bigger problem The Cryers will have to deal with soon–his illegitimate son with her! Right! Remember she mentioned how appalled she would be if he did something like that and Kathryn’s reaction? Keep your eyes peeled! I, for one, am glad Benny is coming out of his coma. After spending most of the season in bed it is time his character be brought back to life. We need a little more good to balance out the evil and “sort of evil” on this show!

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Next week’s episode–>Maggie comes onto David, David questions Landon about being gay, Jim goes to see Candice to find out why Amanda is having a mental breakdown, Hanna pleads for Benny to speak again!

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