The Haves & The Have Nots- “Norman Hewens”

Hero or villain? And who is Norman Hewens? You will soon find out in the latest episode of “The Haves & The Have Nots.” Jim Cryer proves himself to be a hero and villain. He and Rachel face off she and her officers prepare to arrest Wyatt based off Hanna and Lizzie’s mother testimony and facial identification. Jim manages to send her on a wild goose chase through his home just in time for breaking news and a telephone call to Rachel to reveal Wyatt has been acquitted of all charges! Jim’s scapegoat, Norman Hewens, who resembles Wyatt has been forced to take the wrap for Wyatt. Everyone, including Katheryn, is amazed at how he managed to save his son. Rachel leaves bitterly and angry with her office forced to deliver a public apology to The Cryers. Katheryn praises and admonishes him for loving and protecting their children, but warns him it will push them to insanity.

Tyler Perry's "The Haves And The Have Nots"

At the campaign office Landon sends Carlos to hand deliver Jim some paperwork. He is all too happy to oblige. Jeffrey arrives and Landon tries to reconnect with him, but he rebuffs his advances. In David’s office, father and son have a heart to heart with David telling him he truly loves and accepts him as he is, and wants him to be free. He also tells him to give Veronica some time. Jeffrey is happy to have his father’s love and support but tells him he cannot be truly free until he gets the Sedan back from Veronica. Back at The Cryers, Dr. Liston evaluates and is fooled by Amanda into believing she is fine. Meanwhile, Katheryn searches her room for the gun to no avail. Hanna arrives and apologizes to The Cryers for accusing Wyatt of hitting Benny and Lizzie. Jim refuses to accept her apology and demands she leave. Katheryn, however, wholeheartedly does and even gives her back her job much to Jim’s dismay. Jim and Katheryn face off, with the latter gaining the upper hand after she threatens to divorce him if he does not leave Hanna alone and get Celine in line. Carlos finally meets Jim face to face and sees him disrespecting, Celine, his mother! He tells Jim he is his son and declares he refuses to live poorly anymore much to Celine’s dismay.

Okay this was an awesome episode! Jim is truly a son of a bitch, but he is slick! He has single-handedly saved Wyatt from jail and snatched his family from the fire–this time! I get the feeling his number will soon be up now that Candice and Carlos are coming for him. Speaking of Carlos, who did not see this coming from the moment you realized they have a “deal” with Celine? Interestingly, unlike Wyatt and Amanda,  this Cryer child has the balls to go toe to toe with his father. Celine your story line just got a whole lot more intense!


Next week—> The season finale, David tells Veronica he did not sleep with Maggie, Veronica pushes Jeffrey to be with Melissa, Quincy attacks Jim, Jim questions Celine about their son, someone dies!

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