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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Power Dance”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Power Dance”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots is back for a third, explosive season! The episode begins where the second season left off with Wyatt awakening from his sleep after hearing a noise. He walks through the house to investigate, finding his mother and sister sound asleep in bed. When he goes downstairs he notices the front door ajar and finds his father’s cell phone on the ground. He picks it up and looks around the house for him. When he does not find him he goes into his study, there he flashbacks about his own crimes and his father’s involvement with Candice. He pours himself a drink and finally musters up the courage to go through his phone and reads all the messages between Jim from Candice and Celine. Greatly disheartened he drinks the liquor and and angrily throws the phone out of the room!


The Youngs try to enjoy a good time as they celebrate Benny’s recovery with the neighborhood. Everyone seems happy except Candice who remains nervous about Quincy looking for her. She keeps watching the street thinking any minute he will come by. Benny assures her she is safe and refuses to allow her to leave. Meanwhile, Hanna finds Michael has had a bit too much to drink and coaxes him into giving her his drink. they laugh and dance together happily about Benny’s recovery, but are briefly saddened by Lizzie’s demise. He holds her tightly, telling her how much cares for her. She advises him to eat some food and sober up. Benny pokes fun at her about Michael. He then tells her they are safe and he has “people” guarding the block with guns. Hanna warns him about getting involved with Candice’s situation and tells him Katheryn is coming by. He assures her she will not.


At the Sarandon Hotel, David tries to have a drink and relax as he musters up the nerve to sleep with Maggie. She tries to talk to him, but he refuses telling her if they are going to do it then she cannot talk. At the Harrington’s home, Veronica cannot sleep and tries to call David to no avail. She immediately gets out of bed to get dressed. Candice’s goons bring Jim to their neighborhood and demand the residents “see nothing!” They take him to a basement and warn him that Candice has big plans for him. He warns them that he is running for governor and if he does not show up for his announcement tomorrow every law officer in the state will be looking for him, spelling their doom. Needless to say, they are not scared!


David finally gives into Maggie and takes his shirt off and begins to kiss her. They fall onto the bed, but he stops realizing he cannot cheat on his wife no matter how much he may be tempted to. Veronica finishes dressing and suddenly senses something is awry in her home. She goes downstairs to find Quincy has broken into her home AGAIN and fixed himself a plate of food. She demands he leave, but he refuses and pushes her against the railing of her staircase and begins kissing her telling her she wants him. Feeling he may rape her she begins saying the names of all his family members and warns him if does not leave that she will have them all killed. He leaves, but not before telling her she will come around. Hanna checks her messages and learns Katheryn is not coming. She needs her beauty sleep for Jim’s press conference. She finds Michael still tipsy and makes him lay on her bed to sleep off his intoxication, much to Benny’s dismay. Outside, Byron comes to see her and she coldly turns him away. He realizes she knows he was working for Jim. He tries to explain himself but she will not hear it. Veronica arrives at the hotel to see David and realizes he is not in his room. She tricks the hotel staff into bringing her up a key to get in. Candice learns from her goons Jim is captured. She tells him they are going to have a lot of fun over the phone. Candice’s goons leave him in the basement, black bagged, in total darkness. She sneaks out of her mother’s home and heads out to take care of business!


Next Week—> Jeffery questions Candice about escorting, Veronica attacks Maggie, Candice begins her torment of Jim

Who got shot? That is what everyone wants to know! I am glad Wyatt finally knows about his father and even more glad Hanna is going to have a good guy in her life. However, I see a love triangle forming between her, Michael, and Byron. Veronica very well may be the baddest woman on the show. She stopped Quincy when no one, not even Candice could. Kudos to an awesome episode Tyler!



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