The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Sarandon Hotel”

Welcome to “The Sarandon Hotel,” where drama checks in and war breaks out! This statement definitely rang true in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The  Nots!” Thankfully Candice is alive and well. The Malones only scared the hell out of her, leaving her in the woods and darkness to stumble away crying and broken. Jim’s decimation of her cuts even deeper when she arrives at her apartment to find it has been cleaned out. EVERYTHING from her clothes and shoes to her law books has been taken away. She inwardly declares war on him. Quincy continued his search for Candice, checking in with a local gang leader to find her whereabouts. Thankfully the thug was more loyal to Candice and hateful of him. He warns Quincy to never come near them again. Amanda returns home and the craziness begins. She plays “eenie meenie minie moe” to decide which family member she will shoot first!



Elsewhere, Jeffery is aggressively seduced by Melissa and ends up having unprotected sex with her. He finds himself miserable afterwards and seeks out Landon for advice. They meet at the bar in The Sarandon Hotel where Landon admonishes him for acting irresponsibly. He then allows him to sleep overnight to avoid Melissa. Candice enlists the aide of her friend/the gang leader as muscle in her revenge on Jim. She also learns Benny is alive and well. Veronica appeared to be ready to make amends with David until she catches him in his room with Maggie. She immediately assumes he is having an affair. Before she can confront Maggie, Landon and Jeffery emerge from the former’s room. Needless the hallway is rife with all kinds of awkwardness and more assumptions!

I have to say I am personally happy Candice was not killed off the show! Although allowing her to live is now going to be his great undoing. It seems her only bright spot right now is that Benny is fine. However, Jeffrey is the star of tonight’s show. His escapades with Melissa and then leaving her to go see Landon took us all for some twists and turns. At least now he really knows he is gay. Still, that mother of his is one serious monster. Now that monster has Maggie and Landon in her crosshairs!


Next week–> Veronica threatens Landon and Maggie, Jim pins Wyatt’s crimes on someone new, Amanda questions Candice

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