The Haves & The Have Nots- “Something’s Wrong With Amanda”

Insanity became contagious in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots.” “Something’s Wrong With Amanda,” and Wyatt, and Candice, and Jim, and Quincy and everyone in Savannah it seems like on the show. First, Amanda spontaneously leaves with Quincy to go only God know where and then tells her mother and Wyatt he is her boyfriend. She even invites him back to the house for dinner. Katheryn and Celine face off over the latter’s disrespect and apathy. Naturally, Jim warns her not to cross Celine because of their “deal.”  Wyatt too is surprised by her apathy. Jeffrey finally arrived home and finds Melissa has not left. She tries to see him again but he dodges her clingy ways with the finesse of a player. When Candice arrives needing a place to stay, Melissa leaves hurt and angry, assuming they are together. Candice is surprised he was able to sleep with a woman and realizes Veronica is behind everything.


Benny tries to get his parents to reconcile for his sake, not knowing of his father’s recent actions. Their stroll down memory lane is anything but happy. Tony leaves when he realizes Hanna has nothing but hate for him. Candice arrives to visit with Benny and he tries to get them to reconcile with their mother. Hanna demands to know where her grandson is and informs them Quincy threatened her. She refuses to relent until Candice reveals her son is dead.

“Wow” is the first word that comes to mind. Amanda is definitely crazy, luckily we can see her issues overtly. Everyone else is spiraling downward. I have to give it up for Celine this episode. More and more her story line is growing. It is obvious Carlos is her son with Jim and he using the intern position as a cover to meet his father. Jeffrey and Candice are back together, can you say “Pride Bitches?” Hanna never seems to catch a break. At long last we find out her son is dead. The question is how?



Next week—> Candice reveals Quincy murdered their baby, Katheryn searches Amanda’s room, David tells Jeffrey he wants him to be free, Wyatt meets Carlos

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