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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Starting The Race”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Starting The Race”

Kathryn tells her that her mother (Hanna) is right, that she is “diabolical.” She demands not only the condo, but an additional million dollars. Veronica warns her what she is doing is extortion. David advises her to leave, but she insults him demanding he stand up for his son. She reveals she is pregnant by Jim. Kathryn storms out angrily, with Veronica in tow trying to comfort her. Jim asks to speak with her alone. Kathryn leaves Veronica alone outside the office, Maggie inquires about her visit with Quincy. Jim and Candice kiss, agrees to do everything she has asked for. She asks him why he did not help her brother. He apologizes, telling her he loves her very much. He asks her to meet him at a park that night to go over details and find a hotel. As she leaves, she admonishes Jeffery for flirting with a girl. Jim reveals he has put a hit out on Candice with the Malones at the park he is meeting her. Byron updates Jim on Hanna’s status and what she has told the police. He reveals the police are headed to bring Wyatt in. He races home to head them off.

Hanna calls Kathryn and finds out she moved Benny. She reveals she has been calling her to let her know. Hanna thanks her happily for her help. Kathryn tries to come and pick her up, but Hanna informs her she is in jail. She declares she will call the judge presiding over her case and get her out. Hanna is overjoyed. Kathryn immediately calls the judge. Amanda stalks her professor to a park, she tells him she wants blood. She stabs him and leaves laughing. Jim makes it home in time to warn Wyatt. He tells him to say nothing to anyone about anything. Wyatt reveals Veronica has the car and that Jeffery told him. His father further advises him to let them process him and be cooperative. The police arrive with a warrant for Wyatt’s arrest, Jim re-emphasizes he remain quiet.


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