The Haves & The Have Nots- “The Vulnerable”

Shock and awe are the weapons of choice in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots.” Everyone in this episode proved themselves to be vulnerable or opened themselves to a fatal flaw. Amanda naively opens herself up to Quincy as he plays her for a fool in his search for Candice. He then heads to The Harringtons’ home and climbs in bed with Veronica. The latter proves to be a bigger pitbull than him and rebuffs his advances with threats of prison and death! Kathryn and Jim remain on the same page with helping with Wyatt, but are at odds over Amanda’s well being.

David almost gives into temptation as Veronica refuses to give into him and Maggie is eager to “give it up!” Perhaps the most vulnerable person was the one who fell the hardest–Candice–the Malones shot her! Jeffery continues to remain under his mother’s thumb and goes out with a girl. Luckily, vodka was on hand to help him get through the date.


Okay, can anyone believe Candice really got shot. Somehow the Malones misfired and she survived. We all know a show without Candice would be a little boring. Quincy proves to be a powerful player on the show trying to force his way into Amanda and Veronica’s pants. I doubt he is after Candice to kill her and is ultimately far smarter than Veronica has given him credit for. Let’s give it up for Jeffery though. His date was pretty and pretty talkative. She reminded me of “Charmaine” from “A Different World!” The average guy would need more than vodka to deal with the likes of her. I dare say marijuana would be condoned! Things are definitely coming to a boil on this show. I get the feeling someone major will not be making it to Season 3!

Jeffery's date
Jeffery’s date

Next week—> Jeffery’s date tries to seduce him, Landon questions Jeffery’s sexuality, The D.A. asks for Hanna’s assistance, Amanda hides something from Jim, Quincy continues his search for Candice

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