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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Waiting For Candace”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Waiting For Candace”

Tyler Perry’s The Haves & The Have Nots began with Veronica chasing Katheryn through her house with a knife.

Their fight ends up on the stairs where Veronica manages to wrestle the knife and cuts her on the arm. She then kicks her down the stairs and knocking her unconscious. Meanwhile, Jeffrey tries to keep Wyatt from leaving the hospital, fearing for his health. Wyatt tells him that he is only doing that because he is love with him. Jeffrey tells him he still loves him, but values him as a friend. Wyatt begs him to get him out of the hospital and to the apartment he bought that no one knows about. He also admits he is an addict without prompting. At Benny’s house he finds himself frustrated, but trusting Candace will come through for him. Hanna warns him against getting his hopes up about her, but he admonishes her for never trusting Candace. Hanna tells him the plan she has to keep a roof over their head, but he still has faith in his sister.

jon chaffin
Jon Chaffin as “War”

At the jail, War nags Jim about getting him out to go after Candace. He promises he will, but that he must get the incriminating pictures of him from her. Elsewhere, Erica continues to charm David, and ends their night with a kiss on the cheek. Candace calls Jeffrey and tells her the police are at her house. He tells her he already knows, prompting her to hang up on him believing his phone is bugged. When he calls back he admits his culpability in Quincy’s murder, prompting her to realize he is not trying to turn the tables on her. He tells her Justin is in the house too and trying to help them as best he can. Candace tries to enter the house, but the police bar her from it. Surprisingly, Quita is there and accuses her of killing Quincy. She threatens to beat Quita down and tries to think of a way to get inside.

angela robinson
Angela Robinson as “Veronica Harrington” in Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots”

Elsewhere, David unpacks his belongings at his new apartment. Brandon arrives there to tell him he does not have any information on Erica, but that he will look deeper into her past. David calls off the investigation, believing her to be a good, wholesome girl. Meanwhile, Justin sabotages the police search in Candace’s home. The next morning at The Cryers’ home, Veronica sneaks past an unconscious Katheryn, trying to find a key to let her out of the house. She fails and Katheryn begins to stir. Her blood lust renews and she demands Veronica leave her house, but she still cannot due to the locks! Just as Katheryn prepares to attack her again David arrives. Veronica runs into his arms for help!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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