He-Man Gets a Cinematic Reboot & So Does Battle Cat!

Fanboys and fangirls everywhere are “Drunk In Love” over the latest announcement in superhero movie news; He-Man & The Masters of The Universe will become a live action movie! Apparently Sony has grabbed he movie rights to the 80’s hero and will soon be in a theater near you. The script to the film is already done, but there has been no production date announced. However, it expected to begin casting in a matter of months. Interestingly a huge He-Man related leak has occurred and his name is Battle Cat!


For those of you too young to remember Prince Adam of Eternia had the ability to transform into a supernatural/superhuman warrior named He-Man. Simultaneously, his cowardly pet green tiger, Cringer, also became empowered turning into Battle Cat. As Battle Cat, Cringer serves as He-Man steed (mode of transportation) and was powerful enough to cause earthquakes with his roar, run at super speed, and was nearly as strong as He-Man himself! This image shows us a fearsome beast to be reckoned with. Sony is wise to grab a new franchise to reboot after having to share Spider-Man with Marvel Studios.

No one has touched this franchise in decades, giving them the opportunity to introduce He-Man, Battle Cat, and all the related characters to a new generation of fans.  Some suspect the leaked image is fan fiction but Sony has yet to dispel the rumor. Either way let us just hope the film is done some justice!


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