From Headliner to Underdog: Ashanti

If you’re over the age of 18 then you probably remember a time when Ashanti was the reigning chick in R&B. Yes, there was a time before Beyoncé ran the world and dominated the music industry. After being gone for about six years she returns with a new album this week, but is music ready to hear from her again? As a former super fan of the singer its seems as though the industry has changed drastically from when she originally released her first entitled album Ashanti, which won her a Grammy in 2003. As we all know album sales have changed for artist and the taste of our musical appetite has also shifted. Now in a world where Rihanna intelligently carved her own space and Beyoncé is dubbed the queen is Ashanti still the princess?


What fans seem to want nowadays is more and more about the lives of these entertainers. They crave the truth amongst other things and it looks as though Ashanti has been able to dodge the bullets throughout her career. From issues with her former label mates to her rollercoaster of a relationship with Nelly we still barley know anything. Again if you’re 18 years or under there was a time when Nelly owned hip-hop. Fast-forward to present day the couple have possibly laid their relationship to rest according to the rumor mill. If you’re a R&B lover like me then you know any breakup is the best formula for a new record.


Remember when Keyshia Cole had her moment and could do no wrong until she got happy? There is just something about a woman scorned and laying her pain on a record. Now for Ashanti I’m not so certain if this is her last chance, but it will be interesting to see her abilities with this album. For me personally I don’t need to know everything in her private life, but hearing truth from an artist in their music is always a win. It sheds the space in-between us and gives humanity. Beyoncé has accomplished this with her most recent album and Rihanna lives by being transparent. Artist should simply stay true to their artistry oppose to attempting to follow musical trends. Nonetheless, we’ll see what Ashanti is serving us now.

Sebastien "@TheGayBestie" Gaudin

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