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Kontrol Fashion Spotlight: Headwraps and Turbans

By Dione M. Davis

For many, wearing a headwrap is an expression that can represent culture, religion, and style. From the African Gele’ to the Turban, the headdress continues to be an ever-changing center in fashion. We have even seen models wear them on the covers of Vogue, Elle and Bazaar confirming mainstream recognition and respect in the fashion industry. From the runways of Milan and Paris to Fashion Week in New York, these head pieces are a staple for those who want to stand out.

If you don’t own any headwraps, you are late, so it’s time to catch up. This is a look that can give as much versatility as you like, so play it up or down as you go into the Fall and see how much fun you can have. The looks that can be achieved are everything from street chic to elegant. Prada has used colorful turbans in their collections making them a must have for fashion forward tastemakers around the world. Long before Erykah Badu made her tall headwrap her signature, we had icons like Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor giving us dashes of “head game.”


prada 2007 turbans


Use of colorful batiks, ethnic and animal prints are a must this season. For those who want to ease into it slowly, begin with wrapping a scarf or try headbands with exaggerated bows. This look is trending at this very moment. Again, keep in mind that you do not have to put all of your hair up and tucked away. Leave out a long bang or some pieces in the front to add to the allure. However you choose to work this look, remember to be creative and put your swag on it.


Iman turban


Solange headwrap



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