How your health can affect your ability to be successful

I don’t think we realize how vital our health is when it comes to our ability to be successful. We live in a day and age where Fitness is a big part of everyone’s lifestyle. I mean who doesn’t want to look good?

So, why does health amaze us when we think about the traits it takes to be successful? We tend to forget about how health is a very important aspect.

Being healthy comes along with being happy. Clean eating, working out, dieting, waiting for things that contribute to great health. Take a look at Angela Basset who is glowing and looking great at the age 59.I like to think of Angela as the prime example of health and success going hand in hand. In an interview, Angela did back in 2014 with Healthy Black Women Magazine she touched on what she does to continue looking great.

Angela Bassett Happy & Healthy

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…”To keep her figure lean and trim Bassett tries to stay away from sweets and eat healthy foods. She says that if she does have something that isn’t necessarily the best thing for her diet she will have something that is really good for her to so that she can counteract it..”

When it comes to our health it is important we not only look good but feel good. When I think of the word successful I think about being successful in all aspects of life. Shouldn’t we all think like that? Healthy means wealth.

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There are so many ways we can be healthy from working out, eating clean, detoxing, taking a yoga class and making sure the energy around is always positive.

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The good thing about health & fitness being a priority is that you have so many options to stay and remain healthy. Healthy is a mind set just as much as it physical. So the next time you think about being successful and neglect how important health is just take a look at some of your role models. How healthy are they? Are they promoting the importance of health and wealth. I know they are!



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