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Healthy Dancing with Corey McIntosh

Corey Macintosh

Healthy Dancing with Corey Mcintosh

Let’s face it, everybody wants that toned and perfect body, but sometimes just thinking about the discomfort and strain of exercising is enough to discourage most to take the necessary steps toward getting the results we desire. Many don’t consider that working out can be accomplished in numerous ways that does not always consist of the lifting heavy weights or push-ups. Exercising is about keeping your body active enough to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body to help your heart to function properly. Working out can be something we all love to do, such as dancing. Exercising by way of dancing is just what a trainer by the name of Corey Macintosh is best known for.

Dancing and Corey Mcintosh

Corey Mcintosh, best known as @macw3rk on Instagram, has created quite the audience which is attributed to his toned physique and unique training style. He has managed to incorporate his love for dancing into a training technique which allows his followers to feel more at ease and eager to exercise, and to be thoroughly entertained by Corey’s smooth and fun dancing moves. Before becoming a trainer, Corey spent most of his life on a court professionally playing basketball overseas in places such as France, Finland, Macedonia Ukraine, and Bulgaria. Growing up in a strict household created the foundational prestige in Corey which awarded him with honorary distinctions such as Junior College player of the year while at Fullerton Jr College, MVP of the state, and was also awarded a full scholarship to Iowa State.

Corey Macintosh

The intense training that basketball required created the physical appearance admired by many which birthed the transition of becoming a professional trainer.  Corey’s start as a trainer came from assisting a friend in transforming his body into the physical shape he desired.  After that, the word quickly spread and Corey found himself in a park daily training multiple people simultaneously from anywhere between 4-5am to 8-9pm at night. After receiving an undesirable offer to renew his basketball contract, Corey decided to train fulltime and quit basketball overseas in the middle of his prime. Since dawn of the pandemic, Corey began to train his 500+ clients remotely and has managed to officially transition his operations to online training only. To financially expand upon his endeavors Corey also created a sock company called Macwork socks.

A Dancing Physique

Corey contributes his success to the support of his family who showed up to every basketball game, and made sure that the word “can’t” never appeared in his vocabulary.  He mentioned that his mother and older brother, who served as Corey’s father figure, were the people most responsible for developing an indestructible mentality within him that positively shaped the course of his life. Although Corey mentions that he has not seen his father since the age of 5, he and his father have still managed to maintain a great relationship. The most challenging thing for Corey has been to maintain the consistent mental discipline that it takes to maintain his physical appearance. However, on his most difficult days, listening and dancing to R&b and old school music helps calm his spirits and places him back into a peaceful and productive state of mind. Corey stated that he has been dancing all his life, but after promoting his dancing skills with his workout routines, attributes the 40-50k social media follower gain to his dancing skills.

Corey MacintoshCorey believes that simply buying gym pass or paying for a new trainer will not generate the motivation needed to work out. He advises individuals to find out what they enjoy, make slow and gradual changes, set goals, and do it the way they want while balancing a little sacrifice. His next projects consist of creating better content and scaling the business up to a larger platform by creating partnerships with different brands and businesses. Incorporating dance workouts has created a lane for Corey that allows him not only individualize his training and contribute to the betterment of the world, but it also allows him to live a life he can enjoy and be proud of. Corey’s key to becoming great is to find something that drives you, and maintain consistency in the things you see working for you. He says “If you do it long enough, it’ll grow organically”.


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