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Healthy Monday: Kesha’s First Red Carpet Appearance Since Rehab

1396193225_kesha-gWhat a pleasant sight Kesha (who recently removed the ‘$’ from her name) was on the red carpet at the Humane Society Benefit Gala Saturday evening. Described as happy and healthy, Kesha reclaimed her glory wearing a beautiful, sparkly black and sheer gown. I also couldn’t help but to be drawn in my her Pink and Green hair (yes, pun intended) because that’s always a yes in my book!

Kesha checked into rehab in January on account of an eating disorder and upon her dismissal March 6th, she thanked her fans by saying:

“Happy to be back! Feeling healthy & working on tons of new music I can’t thank my fans enough for all the love & support u have given me.” 

I’m so glad for her health and wish her all the best with her continued musical journey. We hear about celebrities in and out of rehab all the time and not always for the same reason as Kesha, but it’s safe to say that the main commonality is addiction. If you’re anything like me, you can think of at least three things you’re addicted to that aren’t so great… so for the sake of #HealthyMonday let’s identify a few ‘tasteful addictions’ we should try on for size!


Tasteful Addiction #1 – Meditation/Quiet Time I LIVE FOR MEDITATION. It brings such an undying peace among my soul. I love it, whether I choose to silently lie in bed or I accompany my peace of mind with soothing music, I can’t live without it. If only for 30 minutes a day, you should try taking some time to just do nothing, think nothing, and really experience the peace and presence of God (or whatever you find peace in).

Tasteful Addiction #2 – Positive Energy I am helplessly addicted to positive energy. Whether it be me searching for a positive quote to post via social media, having a motivational conversation with someone, or I’m doing my morning/night reflection… I do everything I can to keep positivism in the forefront of my mind and life.

Tasteful Addiction #3 – Self-education The power of being able to educate yourself even in the most simplest form of a random Google search is so invigorating. I definitely recommend you try it. These little ventures also serve as a gateway for tasteful addiction number one and two.

Tasteful Addiction #4 – Healthy Eating This began as a challenge for myself that has developed into a habit. I don’t think twice now about eating meat, not snacking during the day, or choosing fruit over sweets. It’s not easy at first, but it is definitely achievable and it’s something that has such a positive effect on your body, spirit, and mind. 

Tasteful Addiction #5 – Music I don’t care if it’s listening to it, singing, playing an instrument… music is so powerful. It has such a strong influence on your mood and can create such peace within yourself. I highly recommend at least one hour (which could definitely be a substitute for watching television) of just listening to music. Try different genres. Pandora is amazing for that. 

Tasteful Addiction #6 – Dancing How great do you feel when you dance? I love it! For those few seconds, I let go of all my thoughts and I just let loose! It feels so good to have no restraints and to dance as sexy, crazy, wild, sensual–whatever mood your feeling–as you possible can. When all else fails… DANCE!

Tasteful Addiction #7 – Reading We tend to forget how truly liberating reading a book can be. There are so many different types of publications out there that are just waiting for your eyes to cop a free feel! If you are reading a blog, a book, your favorite magazine–Kontrol of course, the Word of God, or the newspaper daily… you’re on the right track.

Tasteful Addiction #8 – A Glass of Red Wine per day That’s right! I love having my sip of coffee or tea in the morning and I always pat myself on the back with my 4 oz. glass of red wine with dinner. Yes, it takes discipline to actually stick to the recommended portion, but it’s worth it. Sometimes, of course, I indulge in a little more.. but on a daily basis, 4 oz. is good enough for me.

Tasteful Addiction #9 – Journaling/Blogging Journaling is a little more private for those of you that don’t want to give the world access to your inner-most thoughts. Blogging is a good way to share your opinion and thoughts with people. I love them both and do my best to do both of them daily. Each of them are great emotional releases.

Tasteful Addiction #10 – Hobby/Passion Whatever this means for you, this is a great addiction to have. If you have a hobby or passion, get into the practice of doing it every single day no matter what. You’d be surprised at what greatness can come out of it. 

Give one or all of them a try; you won’t be disappointed! Happy Monday everybody!


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