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Healthy Monday: What’s Better Than Morning Coffee?

Healthy Monday: What’s Better Than Morning Coffee?


John Legend has a song titled “Good Morning” and if you and your love have never “christened” it then you have no idea what you have been missing. My favorite verse is as follows:

“Before you get into the shower,
Before you worry about your hair,
Baby give me one more hour,
I want you to stay right there,
I dont wanna lose a moment,
I dont wanna miss a kiss,
If I could plan the perfect day, love,
Then I would start it just like this.”

Now, me personally… I haven’t always been a fan of morning sex. Probably because at the time my mind wasn’t mature enough to see the beauty in it. All I would see (and smell) is bad breath, funky butts, and physical activity before my morning coffee which, for me, meant a definite ‘hell no.’ Nowadays though, I think of morning sex in a completely different light. Here’s why…

  1. In the event that you do not live with your present lover, hardly anything makes you appreciate those final moments together for the time being than hot sex and a steamy shower before he/she leaves for work. I think its the cutest way for a couple to say “Good Morning, I could just lay here forever with you.” Not to mention how much you’ll love watching and smelling him getting dressed for work (I like to steal kisses during this time too). You’ll have the rest of the day to think about how cute his butt looked in those briefs, how much you love when they wear that cologne you bought for his birthday, and how downright lucky you are to call him your own.
  2. If you’re not a morning person (like me), a morning orgasm will wake you up much better than coffee ever could! I promise! Don’t think that it has to be an exhausting ongoing sexual encounter (unless that’s your style!) either. A quickie works just as good for the both of you and the adrenaline rush feels AMAZING! Think of it this way.. the time it takes you to have a quickie is equivalent to the time it takes one of you to shower, so shower together and VOILA! You’re back on schedule and both feeling amazingly good. Trust me, everyone at work will want to know what was in your coffee that morning!
  3. The spontaneity of morning sex will shock your honey and keep things spicy in your relationship. Waking him/her up moments before their alarm with some tender kisses under the covers followed by some oral sex. Ladies, men love this. You’ll feel his passion for you in each stroke. He’ll even be aroused by your getting dressed for work. Every man loves thinking of their woman as the classy business lady even though she’s a beast in bed. It’s like they say.. “Always classy, never trashy… just a little nasty!
  4. Spooning is one of my favorite positions. Guaranteed to hit the ‘spot’ every time (well at least for me). I love all the lazy morning sex positions and most importantly, who doesn’t enjoy not having to put a whole lot of effort into something that feels so great! If you’re smart though, you’ll start the morning with a good workout! After all, love-making is one of the best forms of exercise out there.
  5. If you thought the morning sex was great, just wait until your honey gets home from work. Boy, will they have a fire burning for you! If you have the time, a sweet gesture I would normally do is have his favorites cooked (or ordered if you’re not a good cook), his beer cold, and his baby NAKED as he walks in the door–but that’s just my take on it! Do yourself the favor of finding out what would rev your honey’s engine up after a hard days work!
  6. It’s always better with the lights ON! I take pride in my body as well as being able to appreciate my partners. If you’re only having sex in the dark and under the covers (I hate to break it to you, but…) YOU’RE SEX LIFE IS BORING! Peel those sheets back and climb aboard!

With that, some women may find that they still aren’t feeling the idea of morning sex so here are a few things that may help you find the beauty in it all:

— Bad breath? Just wake up a little earlier than him and brush those teeth and that tongue.. the fresh mouth feeling will feel great for his kisses up top and down low!

— “I’m not attractive in the morning.” Listen honey, if he doesn’t appreciate you before the shower and makeup he’s probably not for you! “If you can’t accept me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best!” Feel sexy. You’re hot with messy hair.

— Morning Grump. Whether it’s you or him whose grumpy… a little wrestling in the sheets can make for better days in your relationship and workplace.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, now is a good time to be in good graces with your lover. Hopefully some of you will have an EXCELLENT morning tomorrow.



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