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Heat Damage Be Gone!

Heat Damage Be Gone!

This is a must read for all of you females out there rocking weaves and extensions! I have witnessed hair that clearly does not blend far, far, far too many times. Not cute. There’s no reason why people can tell where your weave begins and ends. I have a solution to this problem that has plagued all of us at one point or another. Damaged hair typically comes from the excessive amount of heat that is used on our hair. First and foremost: PLEASE,  DO NOT FLAT IRON YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. Doing this will cause you to become bald. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but doing this will really damage your hair. If you’re natural, there are ways to blend your hair with your extensions. If you are going to flat iron your hair, always use a heat protectant. A heat protectant does exactly what it says- protects your hair from heat. Once you’ve applied the heat protectant to the area that needs to be flat ironed, part your hair in small sections and slowly go over that section of hair. Make sure that the flat iron you’re using is the right size for your length of hair. For example, if you have a short haircut, using a regular flat iron probably wouldn’t be the best idea. Try to find one that has a very small width (travel sized flat irons are perfect for short hair). Also be mindful of the temperature setting when flat ironing your hair. Do not place the flat iron on its highest setting because you think it will make your hair straighter. That is false. All that does is cause excessive heat damage to your hair. Finally, be sure to sleep with a silk scarf at night. Silk scarfs help your hair retain its moisture. Repeat this process every other day if necessary and before you know it, your hair will become trained to blend.  ANd it will always be LAID.


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