Hey Miss Carter: Social Networks and Relationships

Hey No #WCW,

So let me just say that social networks are the devil and a quick recipe to the downfall of a relationship. Now I can understand your frustration and it seems like you feel like he does not acknowledge you. This can most definitely cause a rift in your relationship and build resentment. Question that I have for you is do you think this is a major detriment to your relationship? Is it a deal breaker? You stated that he once posted a picture of you on his page and received some negative comments and took it down. What needs to be understood is did he erase the photo in order to make another chick feel good or because he wanted to minimize drama in his relationship with you. You stated that you guys are happy so it seems that this is the only problem in the relationship. My advice to you is to explore why he does not post your picture on his page. Women’s intuition is pretty accurate and you know your man! If you feel like it’s some BS then get him together and let him know what it is. If he sincerely wants to just eliminate drama from your relationship then let it ride. No need to mess up your 90% for 10% that you don’t have. No I am not telling you to settle but you have to pick your battles. Go thing to remember is that your relationship should be private but never a secret! Check out Beyoncé and Jay Z for example. Everyone knew they were together but no one knew how serious it was. They’ve lasted for 12 years of which they managed to be married, become a billionaire couple, have a daughter and build an empire. So let that man be the Jay to your Bey and let the social networks ride! Social networks do not determine the depth of your relationship. You know when it’s real!

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