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Hey Bruh, pass me my purse!

Hey Bruh, pass me my purse!

In today’s society, so full of gentlemen and the new “classic man,” a new world order has been stored…or rather restored: the “manbag!” The once derogatory term has come to be respected on the tongues and arms of all things manly, professional, and fashion; it has become a must have for today’s professional man and on- the- go jetsetter! The man bag has long since had a bad reputation of being stereotyped as a “purse” or an accessory used solely by women and  homosexual men, but the counterparts and competition in mans’ quest for fashion emancipation have only merely borrowed the accessory from the very ones who shun the bag and it’s usefulness: Men.  This isn’t a rant, so I’ll make this point quick. Man originated the bag (or sack) in primitive time for uses of carrying multiple things at one time while also freeing their hands to do other tasks, but somewhere along the way men just stopped having things and or maybe they didn’t see it’s usefulness outside of hard labor and travel, but women trademarked the bag as theirs and have been hands free for centuries. All that was to say that in modern times, men have regained “stuff” and the confidence to tote a tote in all their manly stupor; the modern man are constantly always on the go and need a bag for their must haves! Most men have phones, ipads, notebooks, pleasure books, planners, chapstick, pencils and pens, wallets…and fitted pants. Fashion today has made it almost impossible to use pants pockets, but we’re not complaining, we’re adapting. With men accepting the need for a bag, designers have heard our cry and have presented us with chic elegant MANLY bags that serve style, class, and even badassness! (spellcheck). Below are some awesome man bags that are perfect fits for any man in your life!

For the Jetsetter “Mulberry clipper Holdall”

Olive scotch grain Mulberry holdall features canvas and leather handles, leather trim, and metal feet. A classic piece of luggage, accessories with your passport and a plane ticket.


For the Bookworm “The Messenger”

This Tan and gray number is perfection for your guy if he loves to read, write, and excel in academic studies! The message is clear when a guy dons a messenger bag!


For The Busy Bee Business Man “The Modern suitcase”

Does this need a description, I mean, it’s Louis Vuitton!



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