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Hey Mikey- “All’s Fair In Love, War, & Business!”

Hey Mikey- “All’s Fair In Love, War, & Business!”

Hey Mikey,

I am going through a grueling divorce right now. My soon to be ex-husband and I have started a chain of clothing stores in the Northeast that has really taken off and is currently worth millions. It seems money has gone to his head in recent years and he has become neglectful of me.Maybe it is because he came from nothing and is nothing! I am tired of his disrespect as well, but I am not tired enough to relinquish all my rights to the company. He wants to buy me out, but I will not have it. It was my money that fueled it even though he grew it into what it is. It seems like he is unstoppable in his pursuits to get me out of the picture, and I refuse to be moved. My friend said you gave her some good advice about her marriage. Care to help?

-Over His BS


***Over His BS, I am sorry to hear about your divorce, but these things do happen. In this scenario you should play it smart. From your own admission he is unstoppable, and you are immovable. What happens when the Immovable Object meets the Unstoppable Force? They Surrender! Meaning both of you have to reach a compromise, not obliterate the other. Neither of you will win that way and your hard work will be in the sewers of New York City.

Treat the business like a baby, something you both created and are connected to for the rest of your lives. From what I have read about your company, I would say you should remain on the board and attain grade A, controlling shares in the company. As far as the daily operations of the business you should leave that to him and limit yourself to the most critical aspects of your empire. Also, take some of that money and invest it elsewhere. There are a ton of entrepreneurs/inventors who just need a good investor to make some mega bucks. Just do your research! Good luck!

☆Need advice? Simply leave your question in the comments section of this post, or email me at  HeyMikeyATL@gmail.com. Be sure to pick a pen name! Thanks for checking me out! -Mikey ♡


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