Hey Mikey- “Black Wonder Woman!”

Hey Mikey,

I’m in Shitsville right now! I don’t feel like I should be, but I am. Here’s what’s going on. Well I was dating this girl two years ago and we did not work out. While we were dating she would always tell me about her friend who goes to school overseas and they seemed super close. Her friend has now moved to the states and man she is gorgeous! I mean so so gorgeous you would call her “Black Wonder Woman!”  I definitely have feelings for her, but I don’t think I’m on her radar. I asked my friend to be my wing woman and hook us up, but she flat out refused! She even says I’m an asshole for asking her to do that and has cut me out of her life. To make things worst her friend totally keeps her distance from me; and that ain’t cool. It was just a question. I can’t really figure out where I went wrong. We’ve been friends for so long now. Could she be jealous?

-Cool Casey

***You can’t be this insensitive or oblivious….or can you? Lord knows I’ve heard worst. Here it is good sir, you cannot ask a girl you use to date, no matter how long ago that was, to hook you up with one of her friend! That’s distasteful and egregious! There are billions of women on the planet that your friend is not so deeply connected to that you can hit on or hook up with. Her family and close friends are off limits. Honestly, her friend is cool. She is keeping her distance from you and practicing a rare, but honored thing called “LOYALTY!” You owe your friend an apology–that’s if you wish to salvage your friendship–and move on! “Black Wonder Woman” may not be for you, but “Black Supergirl might be…whoever she is…think with your bigger head before you act man, it’ll spare you and the women around you a lot of heartache.


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Hey Mikey!

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