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Hey Mikey,

I feel like my heart is wrenching. I met this guy, we instantly hit it off, started talking and hanging everyday, and I’ve even helped him find a job. When I told him how I felt he told me I’m a handsome guy, but that he was not looking for a boyfriend. Two months later…he has a boyfriend…They even sorta lookalike. Both have great bodies and everything. We are still close, but I’m in pain whenever he’s around and brings him up, when I see them on social media posting, and especially when he asks me for relationship advice. I have voiced hurt to him, and he says that I’m his best friend and really needs my support. I don’t know, every time i look at him I see the guys of my dreams, his boyfriend kinda is too. How do I say to him boys like you remind me that I’m lonely.

-Foolishly Hoped


***Foolishly Hoped, what you need is a dose of reality and the strength to be true to yourself. The reality of the situation is that in you he found the friend/bestie he wanted and met his romantic needs elsewhere. I am sorry he does not see you differently. I am even sorrier you do not have it in yourself to look beyond his physique and remove yourself from this situation. You’re hurting, and deeply–I like to call this soul aching. When just looking at someone, or being around them, causes you to feel this way then you have to move on. In this state you cannot truly be a good friend, be happy for his relationship, and it is inappropriate and rude for him to discuss his relationship issues with you knowing how you feel about him! Save your love and time for someone who is far less convoluted. Remember the longest relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself, and that is what you always have to be working on. To thine own self be true mon frer!

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