Hey Mikey- “Centuries”

Hey Mikey,

I’ve been obsessed with celebrities for as long as I can remember. I think I like the longevity of their careers and the impact they have on the world at large. I recently began pursuing an acting career and have been moderately successful, scoring two cameos in big films and two commercials coming out this year. I know I’ll be famous but I want to be legendary like King Arthur, Thor, or Dr. King! How do I make my name immortal? Any advice?


***Starchild, I am so hearing Fallout Boy’s “Centuries” in my head as you explain your dream of becoming legendary. Honestly my advice is to continue to pursue your dreams. No one really knows if they will become legendary or not. Mortality, unfortunately, amongst many ails grants us an expiration date. So no knows how long or if they’re name will endure the years. Live in the moment.  Become the best you that you can be, accomplish all your dreams, and be able to look back on a life without regrets. If you can do those things when you’re old, fragile, and gray then you’ve already attained a feat that very  few in time and space can also claim. Good luck!


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Hey Mikey!

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