Hey Mikey- “The Common Denominator”

Hey Mikey,

I am really trying to be a good friend, but my friend and her dating drama is beginning to become a rain cloud over our friendship. I get it that she isn’t good at dating–neither am I really–but I get tired of hearing about how every single guy she tries to get at or get to know dogs her. I’m beginning to think it isn’t them, maybe it’s her because she is involved in each of these scenarios. She’s the common denominator. I wanna tell her she should change her perspective and outlook when it comes to guys and maybe she wouldn’t attract low lives, but I think it’ll just fall on deaf ears. What do you think? What should I do? Sigh…

-Fed Up Friend

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***Fed Up Friend, the timeliness of your query is uncanny! Everyone has something that is hard for them and as you aforementioned dating is what is hard for your friend. My advice is to continue to allow her to lean on and vent to you, but at the same time let her know you do not want the negativity of her love life to affect your friendship, as it is something completely separate. Lastly, saying your friend is the “common denominator” is slick disrespectful, and most of all may be totally inaccurate. Although she is in all of these scenarios it does not mean she is the cause of these issues as any number of factors can cause a relationship or the pursuit thereof to fall apart. Compassion and patience are the medications needed here. Apply them amicably!

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Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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Hey Mikey!

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