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Hey Mikey,

I’m a little confused. Someone I really love is doing something I believe is morally wrong. I grew up in church and met my first boyfriend there. He was training to be a deacon and even going to ministerial school. We were together for years and then one day he abruptly broke up with me. He claimed it had nothing to do with me, but I just had to snoop…Well I found out he was messing around with a guy (he left his phone in my car, unlocked) and I don’t agree with homosexuality.I say to each his own, but if I can save someone I care about then I feel like I should definitely try. And I did. I told some of the elders in my church anonymously, hoping they could dissuade him from this lifestyle.

My plan seems to have hurt him more than it helped him. He left the church and school and is now estranged from his family. He and I have become really close, however, and I feel guiltier by the day. He wishes he knew who outed him and it is taking everything in me not to tell him. Do you think I should? I’m not lying to him by not telling him, but I still feel like I am. Save me Mikey!

-His Girl

o black church facebook

***His Girl, whoa and whoa! “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions…” As a churchgoing woman I am sure you know this saying. My dear, you have unwittingly ruined a man’s life and not because you were trying to save him! You just could not accept that he was letting you go and you needed to know why. The answer was simple. You did not have what he wanted/needed. This is something you should have “Let go and let God!” By the way, YOU ARE LYING–it is called a lie of omission! By not telling him what you have done, you are basing your new found friendship off of a lie. You meant him no good and no good came of your selfish plan. Tell him, but have your big girl panties on when you do, you’re going to need them to catch all the shit he is going to give you for what you have done to him. Sorry doll, he is just not that into you and you need to be okay with that. 

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