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Hey Mikey-“F**k Atlanta’s Kidz!”

Hey Mikey,

I think I am completely fed up with life in Atlanta! It seems like the moment since I have settled in here I have had nothing but drama and problems with the people that live here.

Black Gay Men, especially, are the worst! First, they’re very cliquish, then they’re backstabbing, and above all else they are petty. As a Black Gay Man myself it is disheartening because I was really hoping to come here and make some strong, cool friendships, maybe find a partner, and enjoy the opportunities I heard this city had to offer people who look and love like me. Before I head back to Nebraska with my tail between my legs, do you have any advice on how I can turn things around?

-Fuck Atlanta’s Kidz!

black gay men in atlanta hey mikey

***When I hear you say “kidz” I immediately flashbacked to Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied music video!  Now to the matter at hand. Atlanta is a city just like any other with its opportunities and setbacks, and good and bad citizens. It is harmful (and I often have to remind myself of this) and unhealthy to generalize the entire populace of Black Gay Men here based on the few you have interacted with. I would say go back to the drawing board and make realistic goals for what you want from your time here, and go after them. Additionally, there are social and support groups here to assist you with mingling as well.  In the meantime, purge yourself of anyone and anything causing drama, stress, and negativity in your life. Also, consider taking a vacation from Atlanta. Often times a little time away from a place can allow you to recharge, refresh, and regroup. Hope this helps!

☆Need advice? Simply leave your question in the comments section of this post, or email me at Be sure to pick a pen name! Thanks for  trusting and checking me out! -Mikey ♡

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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