Hey Mikey- “F**k The Police”

Hey Mikey,

I’m a police officer–let the hate begin. I went to a screening of the new NWA film, Straight Outta Compton, and am really feeling upset right now. I was practically a kid when the group first came out, and like so many others my age I too yelled “Fuck the police!” when the song came on. I know now that was wrong and disrespectful. Nobody believes there are any good cops anymore. I’m really feeling this movie is gonna bring about a new wave of anti-police sentiments among the youth and I don’t support it. My sister and nephew are going to see it tomorrow when it comes out. As her brother, who is a cop, I’ve voiced my opinion about the film and she’s still gonna take my fifteen year old nephew to see the film. I don’t feel she supports me or is willing to see anything from my point of view. She says I’m overreacting. What do you think?

-Nobody’s Pig


***Nobody’s Pig, I saw the same film you saw and it was not completely anti-police, in fact I consider it to be anti-oppression! The cops in that film clearly abused their power and NWA’s Fuck The Police is a clear reaction against that oppression. There are good and bad cops, but this acts of brutality are making more and more people uncomfortable. The biopic your nephew and sister are seeing tomorrow is just an edited reenactment of a series of life events of a few men. Eazy-E, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre are not the judge, executioner, and jury on any cops. Don’t make the same mistake of law officials from nearly thirty years ago and label a fight song as terrorism. Besides, it is just one of a myriad of controversial songs they released. Remain “Nobody’s Pig” and be a great officer! However, this is a fight not worth having with family. Make like Elsa and “Let It Go!”

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Hey Mikey!

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