Hey Mikey- “Go To The Ball Cinderella!”

Hey Mikey!

Help, help, and help! I am really confused about what to do for tomorrow for The All-Stars Social. I have my gown, I’m getting my hair and makeup done professionally, and my father is even getting me a carriage and horse to ride to the Social in. There is one problem–no date. I could not find one single boy to escort me to tomorrow night! The ones I like are taking other girls, or gay, I suspect. When I asked two guys out they told me I wasn’t their type. One even called me plain…At this point a relative would be nice, but both of my parents are only children so I have no cousins. I do not want to disappoint my parents and not go. My father’s a judge so we’re pretty prominent in the community, but it just doesn’t look right for any woman to go “stag” to an event. I need some of your magical wisdom, and quickly!



***Anonymous, what year is this again? The last time I checked my calendar it was 2015, meaning a woman can go anywhere she wants booed up or solo! OMG, go to the ball Cinderella! GO! The only person stopping you is YOU. Unlike your magical counterpart, EVERYTHING is being handed to you. Every boy in town did not bring a date so I am sure you will be in good company. As far as those boys that called you plain, well they are just “plain” out assholes. No woman is plain. You’re a princess and tomorrow night is where you claim your power! You’re gonna slay in that dress, have your makeup on fleek, and be the talk of the town in that carriage. Trust me when I tell you your parents will not be disappointed to see their beautiful daughter living life beautifully. Have a good time tomorrow night. You owe it to yourself, and every woman before you who foolishly allowed a man in some way dictate who they are, or what they feel they can do!

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Hey Mikey!

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