Hey Mikey- “It Doesn’t Have To Be A Snowman”

Hey Mikey,

I’m feeling really flustered right now. My teenage son recently came to live with me and things are really awkward between us. Most of his life I have been a traveling businessman and he with his mother. She recently passed and he’s had to move in with me. I’ve slowed down a lot on traveling to work on building a relationship with him, but he’s really distant. I’ve even tried doing some of the stuff with him he liked as a kid. I’m not surprised he does not like that stuff anymore, but I am beyond baffled. Is there anything you can recommend I do to bring us closer together?

-Just Don’t Know

***Just Don’t Know, where there is no relationship you must began from scratch. He’s acting like a stranger to you because that’s what he is. You’re going to have to get to know the teenage son you have and let go of the little boy you remember. He’s lost his mother, and as his surviving parent he needs you very much right now. I recommend you take “Frozen’s” Princess Anna’s approach and “build a snowman.”

This is only a metaphor, as I am actually advising you to do bridge the wedge between you two by trying something you both like to do. If there isn’t an interest you both share I suggest trying something neither of you have ever done before. It makes for great memories and bonding. Remember,  you’re his father, your son should be no stranger to you than your own heart. Try, and try again with him, NEVER GIVE UP. He’s worth it…

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Hey Mikey!

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