Hey Mikey- “Mad Day”

Hey Mikey,

A friend of mine has been going through a lot of stuff lately and I’m really trying to help her get through it. However, when I was trying to get her to open up to me she lashed out at me and said she wasn’t going to tell me shit because she can’t trust me. Three years ago, we had an incident where I got angry with her and used used the “one person rule” and told another one of our friends a secret she entrusted me with. Naturally, there was a big blowout and I apologized, and I thought we moved passed it. When she brought that up I told her that I don’t think we can be friends anymore because friendship is based off of trust. Now I find myself even more worried about her and our other friends are worried about her too; and she isn’t talking to anyone. What should I do? Should I reach out to her? Or just let this friendship go since she doesn’t trust me anymore?



***Exacerbated, Kandi Burruss coined the term best on The Real Housewives of Atlanta when she called it “Mad Day.” That is pretty much when a friend gets angry with you one day and tells your business or secrets to others. Whether you told one person her business, or a thousand people, you were dead wrong! Thus, she is right to be cautious of opening up to you. Trust is like a mirror, when you break it you can piece it back together, but you will always see the cracks. That’s what the trust in your friendship is– a cracked mirror that’s been pieced back together. Foolishly, you find yourself in your feelings when she needs your support more than ever. You need to be the bigger person and reach out to her with two things; a sincere apology and an open ear. FYI, there is no one person rule when it comes to secrets! Keep your damn mouth shut!

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Hey Mikey!

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