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Hey Mikey,

My Valentine’s day turned out to almost be deadly! I have been dating this guy for about 2 months, and I really like him, but I no longer feel it is safe for me to date him. Over the weekend he and I were about to head out for a night on the town and consummate our relationship for the first time when someone pulled up in a red Pinto and fired three shots into his car. Thankfully, neither of us were hurt. I have known for a while now that he is a drug dealer, but he is really sweet and he seems to be everything I want out of a guy. Times have been really hard for me recently and he’s helped me out a great deal financially. Plus, I’ve invested 2 months into this relationship I don’t want to feel like my time is wasted. I haven’t slept or eaten in 72 hours. How can I get over this fear?

-Lady Donna

***Lady Donna, what you are experiencing is called a healthy fear. You need to get away from him as soon as possible! Ultimately, no good comes from being a drug dealer’s girl. You are blessed to have walked away with your life. I’m not sure if you watch Empire, but Taraji’s character, Cookie Lyon, said it best; “These streets ain’t for everybody, that’s why they make sidewalks!” Clearly your experiencing some Post Traumatic stress Don’t trade your life for the empty security of drug money. No love is gained in the end!


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