Hey Mikey- “Prozac & Textbooks”

Hey Mikey,

My life just got turned upside down. I recently found out my wife is bipolar. She was diagnosed this past week by our doctor.  Honestly, I thought she was just moody but now I see it for what it really is–a disease. For the most part, things are good between us but right now we definitely disagree about her working. She is a Kindergarten teacher and I don’t think she should continue working.  No Child should be subjected to someone with that type of condition. We already have a daughter and I’m keeping tabs on her personally. But the parents of those other kids won’t know she is ill. She feels like I’m being a tyrant, but I’m just trying to protect her and give her an easier life. What do you personally think? I’m good at admitting when I’m in the wrong, but this time in think I’m in the right.


***Temperance, I’d prefer your pen name be “Understanding” or “Empathetic.” Those two things are exactly what your wife needs at the moment.  Just because a person is bipolar does not mean she cannot work as a teacher. As long as she takes her medication and regularly sees a licensed psychiatrist for therapy she should be fine. FYI man people you are not aware of doctors, policemen, specialists, and even some Presidents have mental illnesses and are in no way deficient at their jobs. Don’t allow assumptions and misinformation keep you from fully understanding your wife’s condition or even worse prevent her from living her life!  By the way, keep an eye on your daughter and not because she is in danger from her mother,  but because the condition is hereditary and females are more prone to it. Be a great husband and responsible partner!

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For more information on mental illness please check out the website for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) click the link below:
National Alliance on Mental Illness

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