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Hey Mikey,

My friend of twelve years has turned out to be a complete backstabber. I find out he has been sleeping with my girlfriend for the last three months.  I feel so stupid!  All the times I’ve left him home with her and let him stay over they been kicking it right under my nose.  I threw both of them out.  It’s easier to get her out my life but,  he and I are different.  He’s left like a thousand messages asking me to forgive him and for us to talk but I don’t know. … Mikey what should I do?  I’m sure you’ve dealt with betrayal of some sort before.

-Dead Inside

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***Dead Inside,  allow me to resurrect the inner sanctums of your heart and soul.  You have been dealt a monumental blow that will take some time to heal from.  It’s time to offer yourself some healing in the form of forgiveness.  Forgive yourself and then the two of them.  Accept that you may have been the catalyst that brought them together, but their indiscretions are faults all their own. Now forgiveness does not mean you have to be around them,  or treat things the same. It instead allows you to spiritually self-medicate to heal and move on with your life.  You don’t wish them harm,  you don’t wish them well–you move on. 

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