Hey Mikey- “Superhuman”

Hey Mikey,

I have NEVER been one for bullying. Throughout most of my childhood and teen years I was the victim of it. People would harass or pick fights with me for no reason. In fact, I have had my son in karate and sports since he was old enough to walk–he does not lose any fights. He’s fast, he’s strong, very athletic, and super tough. Sadly, I am getting reports that he is a bully. I tried to ignore them, but now he is about to expelled from high school. I am not really sure how to curb his behavior, he won’t open up to me. He says I would not understand. Mikey please help. I don’t want my child to end up one of those bad kids you see on the news. I know I’ve raised him to be better.

-Liam’s Dad

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***Liam’s Dad, If we want our children to do right, we must first do right by them. I can clearly see what the problem is here. You raised a pet project and not a child. The way you list what he can do is like someone listing super powers. Your son is not superhuman, he is a kid who is currently bullying others. It is time to add some counseling to the list of things he has to do. The fact that he states you don’t understand him shows the root of his problems. Explore that and get to the bottom of his angst. Be his father and not his trainer. Your childhood victimization is not something he has to avenge. Yeah, you should be in front of a shrink too. #DoTheRightThing

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Hey Mikey!

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