Hey Mikey- [VIDEO] “Earthly Tether”

Hey Mikey,

I am a pretty spiritual person and I believe there is a higher calling on my life. I believe it, and people have told me that all my life. My family is the same way, in fact I come from a long line of pastors, evangelists, and other clergy. I feel it is time for me to fully commit myself to what I am meant to do, but I have been seeing this girl for some years now. We’ve been chaste, but I know marriage is the goal for her eventually. I feel it might be in the future for me, but not right now. Its just that I love her, but I love preaching too. I cannot commit to either fully without giving one up completely. What should I do when my heart screams for togetherness with her and my destiny demands I answer this higher calling?



***Falling, your situation kind of reminds of the teachings of a fictional monk, Guru Laghima, from the series Avatar: The Legend of Korra. In it, a man was able to learn how to fly and achieve enlightenment by “letting go of his earthly tether.” Which means he detached from the things and people that were keeping him grounded and confined. If you truly believe you have a higher calling then you must be prepared to place your calling before your own personal needs. Pastors, clergy, all of men and women of faith know that higher callings are noble and hard. Just be sure you are not becoming something just because it is a tradition in your family. I think you already know what you must do, this girl is your “earthly tether”  just be sure you let her down easy and pray for her peace as she moves on with her life.

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Hey Mikey!

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